Admit It, You're Crazy for Cats Too!

Cats at work

Ok, I'll admit, I love cats. Everyone who knows me knows this. Friends are careful to keep any comments about my obsession to themselves and I am careful not to talk non stop about my tribe of felines. I don't think of myself as one of those crazy cat ladies, but maybe it's just mew, er, I mean me.


Through the years there has always been a studio cat or two gracing my workspace. In my very first photo studio in Baltimore, Maryland there was a little orange tabby named Casey, she was our first cat and she ate up the attention of being the studio mascot. Living and working in a renovated barn in Baltimore County has now given me the opportunity to enjoy the company of several rescues. They have the run of the barns and the fields and generally do as they please – once their obligatory trip to the vet is crossed off the list of course! But they don't get off without some duties in return for their room and board. Come when you are called, show up for meals and pose for me when I need a touch of soul or whimsy in a photo. While you're at it, could you please keep the mice at bay and stay off the road?


Photo studios offer lots of photo ops and mine is no exception. “Do you need help arranging flowers in that basket? No problem!”, Nate is only too happy to assist. “What about snuggling up on that bed?”, because no bed is truly complete without a snoozing cat, right? And, “Let me make sure you have that jewelry photo set up just right. Don't mind me, I can see what you're doing from here.”


Photographs for many clients have often included a few options with feline models. We have been ahead of the internet craze all along of course ~ you've heard of Caturday? We invented it! I am happy to report that many of the cats here have gotten their fifteen minutes of fame, they just seem to know how to “work it”.


In all seriousness though, pets have been proven to lower blood pressure, contribute to longevity of their families and give us all something other than politics to discuss, not to mention teaching children about empathy and responsibility. Many of my clients look forward to visiting with the cats here on the farm and bring them treats and much needed attention, because I only have so many hours in my day! If you are thinking about adopting a cat, please do it! The shelters are always bursting at the seams and there's no greater pleasure than the aloof affection you earn from a contented cat. And you never know, you might just bring home the next feline star of the internet. With a handy dandy camera phone at the ready the photo ops just don't stop!


To view more shots of cats and some of the other creatures we share the farm with click here.


If you are considering an adoption contact your local shelter, vet or rescue organization today and if you don't know where to start contact


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