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Green Architecture | Eco-Conscious Studio Space

Initially located in Baltimore city, Armstrong Studio was moved into a renovated barn loft on our farm in 2007 so that all the projects we had going could be in one place. We now pursue our passions in the most eco-conscious way possible, each day striving to leave a smaller foot print than the day before.

To those who wonder if we really walk the walk when it comes to a green lifestyle here are a few facts about our barn renovation:

~ A green architect was selected, Amish workmen were contracted, and subcontractors were selected based on their knowledge and commitment to using low impact methods and materials.

~ We did not allow dumpsters on site for waste, but instead had the crew remove all nails from lumber they were deconstructing and either use it or store it for future projects. What could not be salvaged was recycled and what was left was hauled to the landfill one small truck load at a time.

 ~ All of the lumber and roofing that could be salvaged was put back into construction.

~ Solar panels were installed to heat water for the radiant floor.

~ The concrete floor was stained to eliminate the need for additional building materials.

~ The radiant floor system is utilized to also cool the studio in summer and eliminate the need for a freon based cooling system.

Barn.439 Spring 09

~ The studio powder room utilizes a composting toilet and a grey water collection system.

~ High speed internet has replaced virtually all need for shipping of images on media.

Lastly, our chosen architect had this to say about working with us ~


“I began working with Chris and Jess on the conversion of their barn to a studio back in 2003. Their primary concern was to have a light impact on the environment, both during construction and into the future. They did much more legwork than most of our clients, which says a lot because we only do green projects. They found beautiful sustainably-logged timber, salvaged materials from demolition to re-use in the project, researched which insulation would be the most eco-friendly and energy efficient, brought in a wonderful Amish craftsman, and even did some of the hardest labor themselves. Their commitment to minimizing their use of fossil fuels extended to selecting an innovative solar hot water heat AND cooling/dehumidification system. Above all, their creativity and enthusiasm carried them through all challenges to achieve their big vision in a beautiful, inviting, and inspiring way. I am very proud to have been a part of this transformation.”


Julie Gabrielli Architect,
Gabrielli Design Studio, LLC

See the full story of our renovation project on FaceBook HERE