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Photography for Business

Good-for-the-World Brands

The Eco-Conscious market is exploding and whatever product or service one can think of, there is a green, Fair Trade, eco-friendly, or low impact version of it on the market or in development. Sustainability in today's economy is key to long term success. Promotion of this core value is communicated best when the quality of the visual matches the integrity of the message.

Is your eco-friendly, Fair Trade, sustainable goods company selling a product or service to an eco-conscious consumer? If so, you probably already realize that in the last decade growth rates for green products and services outpaced conventional goods despite downturns in the economy. These products and services need to be showcased in ways that put them on equal footing with mainstream products. 

Consumer demand has without a doubt given those green companies an edge and in many cases allowed them to charge a premium for those services and goods, because their customers believe in what they are buying. According to a recent report by Green America, “...green segments of industries across the economy are growing rapidly, and systematically taking market share from the conventional economy”.


Our photography is used for retail and B2B websites, in packaging applications, for POS and trade show displays, in print ads, brochures, print catalogs, look books and sales flyers. If our client needs a high quality image to introduce a new line of products or a series of photos that match previously published images, we have the skills to not only meet but exceed the need.

Over the years we have been called upon to shoot a myriad of products ~
home décor, food packaging, beauty products, textiles, nutritional supplements, fine gifts, hand crafted objects, cabinet hardware, flooring, textiles, chocolate, coffee, printed collateral, retail displays, jewelry, giftware, and the list goes on...

Images of products and services must rise to the level of mainstream marketing ~ gone are the days of the mom and pop website that is sufficient to promote a good-for-the-world product. Whether the project entails photography of artisans at work or their beautiful handicrafts, Armstrong Studio can be your source for creating the images you need to tell your story.

Non Profits

Organizations and Non-Profits need to promote their causes and services to patrons and supporters in ways that inspire, compel and engage. The use of photography to convey their missions, tell stories of the support they provide and social benefits they foster is key to the overall communication cycle.

Communicating with donors about your mission and conveying needs through visual story telling not only helps drive social change, it is an undeniably sound investment in the mission as a whole. As NGOs, Non-Profits and good-for-the-world organizations continue to realize the benefits of investing in their visual assets, Armstrong Studio will help them to bring those stories to life.

If  your project involves capturing the installation of solar panels and low impact insulation; or even technically difficult photos of the high tech components that go into a thermoelectric power system, we can provide digital photography that will exceed your expectations and help tell your audience about a unique product or service you offer.

As visual learners, people are compelled by images, our emotions are strong when we respond to something we see. Organizations which have capitalized on high end visual storytelling are much more likely to be successful at prompting their supporters to take action. The third largest sector of our economy is Non-Profit and the need for high quality professional photography is unquestionable.

Companies and organizations that realize this and budget for quality design, professional marketing, video production, and professional photography can tell their stories much more effectively, compelling their core customers and recruiting new ones.


Businesses of all sizes that have a need for high quality marketing photography seek us out to shoot everything from jewelry, hardware and medical supplies to business head shots, architecture and employees at work. In today's consumer driven market, almost everything that is promoted on-line or in print at some point requires a visual in order to complete the marketing cycle. 

The use of photographs to market products, people and services is not new. Armstrong Studio has the ability to bring years of hands on experience to every project. When we are called upon to shoot people at work or play we direct them to best convey your message. We walk a fine line between intruding and making a shot rather than just taking one.